Transforming Relationships through Generations

Written by Jon Sindell

agingGenerations: what we've learned from the previous and how we recreate our own stories.

When I think of where our generation is now, I think of Willie Nelson singing, "He's never at home and he's always alone, even with someone he loves."
Examine your relationship with:
Self and Daily Purpose
Problem Solving and Stress
'Cause sometimes I think we're all lonely cowboys, and we've been out ridin' fences for way too long.
It was different back in the black-and-white days. We huddled before the TV for warmth, swaddled in ties that bound: father knew best, families stayed together, folks lived and died in a single town, and workers and companies bonded for life.
We learned the hidden cost of such comforts later: housebound wives with withered potential ... loveless marriages maintained for appearances ... the stifling conformity of "My Little Town" ... the mind-killing boredom of gray flannel jobs funding 30 years of mortgage payments.
So we took our sharp minds and severed those ties. Cut adrift, we explored inner space, fueled by mushrooms, perhaps, and most likely pot, but most of all by minds wide open to natural highs from yoga, to Zen, to meditation, to travel, free sex, free jazz and freedom from all sorts of restrictive ... connections.
What did we find when we came back to Earth?
Companies had "downsized" us. We soon told them to "Downsize this!".
We'd learned to divorce at the first sign of trouble.
We'd holed up at home with computers and modems, telling ourselves that cerebral connections with unseen friends would warm places wanting the human touch.
All of which has caused a diverse choir of social critics to rise up and cry: The time has come toreconnect!

Critics of the "Free Agent Nation" say, don't run from job to job like hired guns for selfishness kills teamwork and self.
Rabbi Harold Kushner says, don't run from relationships, for that's where you'll find God.
Don't run from yourself, Deepak Chopra says, for God is found in the mirror.

Love is found in the mirror, too, but it's not the mirror you think. The mirror you need says marriage expert, Rick Brown, is a loving partner, only s/he can help you heal.

Our universe is contracting again slowly, slowly and we're slowing down, too, and reconnecting. Again we gaze in each other's eyes ... again we hear our own inner voices, at least, when we turn off our cell phones and give free time the love it deserves ... again we savor familial love in food cooked in the ol' family skillet ... again we discover the joy that comes from loving connection ... 

Photographer: Dennis Cox

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