Workout Ideas for Various Cities

Written by Keith Rockmael

Successfully use the terrain and climate of a city to your exercise advantage. Next time you're on the road for business or pleasure, check out these ideas for staying fit.
In many ways the U.S. runs like a well-oiled machine. Who oils the machine? What keeps the minds motivated and the bodies hot? Success Television talks with personal trainers around the country to find out what keeps their clients moving.

Make sure you know the proper technique before jumping into a sport.
Don't worry about being clumsy at first. No one learns a new sport overnight.
Find an exercise that is comfortable for you, rather than one that happens to be trendy in your area. 
Striding High in San Francisco
In hilly San Francisco, many personal trainers like the sinewy Jordan Shay use urban hiking to keep their clients in shape. "People tend to get bored with cardiovascular [activities]," says Shay. "This is a way to spice it up."

Urban hiking gets people out of the gym and into some serious cardio climbing. According to Shay, his clients experience numerous benefits from urban hiking including weight loss, increased stamina and improved social interaction.

We can vouch for the gorgeous, perfect weather in San Francisco for this type of sport. Who needs an indoor treadmill when you can walk up and down the hills of Pacific Heights and Nob Hill?

Kicking It in Los Angeles
It's anything but cold in sunny Los Angeles where kickboxing is hot with the clientele at Bodies in Motion. Kickboxing personal trainer Mikah Roberts says the trend started with movie stars who were looking for new ways to pack a punch on the big screen, and then spread to the general public.

Lest you think it's all glitz and glamour, Roberts notes that kickboxing tones the muscles, builds strength and enhances flexibility ? But don't start slugging a bag without instruction, cautions Roberts. "People can get hurt if they don't know the proper technique."
Pilates in Philadelphia
In the City of Brotherly Love, some personal trainers have pledged their hearts to Pilates Allegro. Perfect for people who spend too much time sitting behind a desk, Pilates Allegro combines cross-training and yoga techniques.

Pilates is done on machines that feature adjustable springs and pulleys, adaptable to dozens of exercises. The best-known Pilates equipment is the Reformer, a large wood-based device. Unlike the Reformer, the Allegro is a more portable, anodized aluminum version that sits much closer to the floor.

In addition to its portable advantages, the Allegro offers more stability for foot bar use, says personal trainer Janeen Galati. "It gives the personal trainer a great opportunity to work clients at a deeper level," she notes.

Galati, who predicts that Allegro will bring exercise to a new plane, says some of its benefits include a more effective conditioning program, faster recovery from an injury and improved posture and body mechanics.

New York, New Yoga
In the city that never sleeps, more people are slowing down and stretching out with vinyasa, a type of yoga in which breathing and movement are gracefully synchronized. Vinyasa promotes a strong flexible body and focused mind, by integrating spirituality with physical stretching and breathing exercises.

"It's all about meeting yourself," says the Big Apple-based yoga trainer Dana Flynn. In addition to providing a deep and effective relaxation, Flynn notes that vinyasa helps increase body and mind awareness, enhances breathing and improves your ability to deal with stressful situations.

Take a Ride in St. Louis
When you think St. Louis, you probably think blues, barbecue and Budweiser. But surprisingly, the kind of biking that's big here is the mountain variety. According to personal trainer and nutritionist Kim Armstrong, people in this gateway city would rather be riding than cooped up at the gym.

The hills that surround St. Louis provide the perfect terrain for the city's numerous bike-riding clubs. While many residents mountain bike for the cardiovascular benefits, great quads and increased coordination, Armstrong notes that a further advantage is that it allows people to exercise with their kids.

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