Painless Workout Advice that Keeps you Healthy - workouts shouldn't be a pain

Written by Stu Watson

Workouts Shouldn't Be a Pain
Pain during exercise is like the red line on a car's tachometer. It says you're in the danger zone and run the risk of severe injury, if you push ahead. Muscular pain after exercise, on the other hand, is probably because of other factors, such as the dealyed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).
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The bigger problem with pain is mental. Not even dedicated weight trainers enjoy or seek out pain. Too many of them, however, have bought into the silly notion passed down by too many athletic coaches.
"No pain, no gain!" they crow.
I think they're nuts, and irresponsible, too. How many people have injured themselves while working out, because they thought they had to hurt themselves to make themselves healthier? It's nonsense.
Pushing yourself, of course, breaks out of the comfort zone. But equating that discomfort, a truly necessary element of improving one's fitness, with "pain" creates a couple of problems for athlete and would-be athlete alike.
First, it creates a disincentive. If you think you need to go through pain, you won't enjoy the activity, and may even quit.

Then we begin to defeat our best efforts. We can't have fun, enjoy ourselves, feel energized and aerobically alert, improve our heart function, lose weight, and revel in the grace or speed or simple physical exertion if we think it is going to "hurt like hell."

So I would like to suggest something to anyone interested in the joy of exercise: Push yourself, but don't hurt yourself.
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