The Benefits of Slow Motion Weight Training

Written by Karen Andes

Headline: you might not have to work out everyday to get the same results.

If you want fast, fast, fast results from your weight lifting routine, slow down. Not a little bit, I mean super slow-mo.

Fitness Advice
Karen Andes advice on a Slow-Mo Workout:
Make each rep last 6, 8, 10 or even 20 seconds. Commit to it.
Time your sets. Big muscles need longer sets.
Do only one set of each exercise.
Don't rest between sets.
Two slow workouts per week equal three fast, sloppy ones.

Quick lifting lets you think you're doing more work, but all you're really doing is using momentum instead of muscle to lift that weight. Lift slowly, and you keep your muscles in virtually constant contraction. It's a humbling and honest practice that makes muscles sizzle and forces you to pay attention to form.

Start by timing each repetition, so that each rep, (both the lift and the lower) lasts at least 6 seconds. Use a stopwatch or count "one-Philadelphia," and so forth. The slower you go, the harder it is. Move on to 8, 10 or, for a really good time, 20-second reps. You may not do as many total reps as you have in the past, but you'll work harder. Trust me!

Time your sets to keep muscles in contraction longer. Because muscles come in different sizes,they fatigue at different rates. It makes no sense to work a small muscle as long as a big one. Print this article so you've got the numbers at your next workout. Use a stopwatch or the second hand on your watch. A single set is the total amount of time in which you perform all those slow motion repetitions.

Here's how to time your sets:

* For squats, leg presses, and lunges that work many leg muscles, take 90 seconds to 2 minutes. That's 9-12 reps at 10 seconds each.

* For isolating leg exercises like leg presses and hamstring curls, take a minute to 90 seconds.That's 6-9 reps at 10 seconds each.

* For the big upper body muscles of the back, chest and abdomen, take 45 to 75 seconds.That's 5-8 reps at 10 seconds each.

* For shoulders, biceps, triceps and other small muscles like calves and wrists, take 45 seconds to 1 minute. That's 5-6 reps at 10 seconds each.

Super slow-mo is so intense you may want to reserve it at first for every second or third workout and perform only one set of each exercise. Also, because it's intense, you only need one set of each exercise. But you must commit to every rep and don't waste time resting between exercises. When you work in this concentrated fashion, you only need two full-body weight workouts per week to get strong and stay strong.

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