Run From the Winter Blues

Written by Jennifer Strailey

Shorter days and colder weather can leave the best of us feeling blah. But exercise can be just the thing to get you back in the swing.

It's so easy to stay active in the summer. Long, sunny days leave you with plenty of daylight hours to go for a swim, play tennis or head out for bike ride.

Winter is a different story. You get up when it's dark and cold outside. You work all day, and when you leave the office, it's dark and cold outside. It's enough to cause a bad case of the blues

In psychology-speak it's called "seasonal affective disorder," and if you've got it, you may not feel like doing much of anything. But exercise is just what the doctor ordered.

Watch this video on exercises you can do anywhere.

Regular aerobic exercise such as running or swimming can be a terrific mood enhancer, says Temple University sports psychologist Michael Sachs, Ph.D. While anaerobic exercise like weight training can help, it's the aerobic workout that'll get you out of that seasonal slump.

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