Feel the Burn Weight Lifting Advice

Written by Karen Andes

Enjoy the feel of weight lifting by slowing down. Your muscles will love you.

Beautiful younger people are accidents of nature. Beautiful older people are works of art.

-- Eleanor Roosevelt

If you think weight lifting is painful and boring, try thinking of it as sex for your muscles. Done with sensitivity and care, weight lifting can be one of the most intensely sensual and pleasurable experiences you can have with your clothes on.

Weight Lifting Advice
Slow down and feel your muscles rebuild.
Use deep, full ranges of motion.
Talk to yourself about what's happening.
Keep your very best posture. It improves self-esteem.
If you use a headset, find music that helps you feel.
Here are some posture tips: Shoulders down, belly in, chest up, and back just slightly arched.

Good lifting, like good loving, starts in the heart and mind. You don't need to be strong or athletic. Some of the most passionate, elegant lifters started in middle age. All you need to enjoy training is to slow down and feel.

Arnold Schwarzenegger once said, "A good pump in the muscles is better than an orgasm." It's no exaggeration: There's an erotic rush to feeling your own steaming muscles engorged with blood. Weight lifting breaks down muscle tissue and sets off a molecular chain reaction that makes your muscle fibers reknit themselves into a stronger weave.
Next time, if you want to have what Arnold's having, try this:

          • Move very slowly through every inch of motion. Take at least two seconds to lift and two to lower. For an even better time, go slower.
          • Use deep, full ranges of motion wherever possible. But if it bothers your joints, shorten your range.
          • Use the very best posture you can muster in every exercise you do. This helps keep you in proper alignment, and it looks good, too. It also tells you, "Hey, I feel good!" Stop or continue with lighter weight if you lose this posture.
          • Don't break the mood of your lifting experience by stopping to chat. Maintain an inner dialogue, the gym equivalent of talking dirty to yourself. Here's a sample: "Come on, now. Focus. Shoulders down. Belly in. You can do another one. Yes!"
          • If you listen to music under your headsets, find music that encourages you to feel. Avoid heavy metal, acid rock and other nerve-numbing music.Induce a blissful muscle trance with drums or beautiful melodies.
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