Avoid burn out from your workout routine

Written by Paul Wolf

Success in making your workout anything but routine.  Here's success advice on ways to give yourself a boost towards a better stronger body.

After watching the fittest people in the world run, dive and swim for two weeks of Olympic competition, you're bound to feel a little, well, soft. Increase your exercise gains with this advice on revving up your workout.


1. Just do it, differently.
Doing familiar exercises in a radically or slightly different way creates a fresh demand for adaptation. Like the mind, the body needs constant novelty to grow.


2. Reverse your workout.
If you have a set routine, reverse the order for a while. Fitness experts say you put more focus on exercises you do earlier in your routine.


3. Super-slow-motion reps.
Fitness author Ellington Darden says super-slow, controlled reps with dumbbells and barbells build muscle most effectively.


4. Set fitness goals outside the gym.
Prevent gym burnout by entering a 10K race or going on a three-day cross-country ski trip.


5. Use "high points" in your workout.
Fitness author Bill Phillips advocates the benefits of mixing bursts of intensity; a fast lap here, a heavy set there, into your routine.


6. Don't forget the fun and games.
Try a new sport, and don't limit yourself to the obvious. Think of the demands of water polo: treading water, throwing a ball while keeping yourself afloat, etc.


7. Hire a personal trainer.
You may think you know all there is to know, but wait `til she shows you how tight your hamstrings are or uncovers the fact that you lift one arm higher during lateral dumbbell raises.


8. Switch gyms.
This doesn't have to be permanent, but it will charge up your workout to encounter new equipment, people and environments.


9. Redefine your fitness goals.
Is your body in a rut or just your spirit? To super-charge your gym workouts, you may need to first re-energize your purpose for being there.
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