The Best Is Yet to Come

Written by Sierra Alvis

The likelihood of living to see 100 is closer to becoming a reality.  Personal trainer Marilyn Powers offers mind-expanding advice for living a longer and more fulfilling life.

Retirement ain't what it used to be.

For millions of people in midlife, the idea of sliding into a life of leisure doesn't sound half as rewarding as the fruits of a full-time career.

According to Marilyn Powers, author of The Bridge: A Midlife Map Between Two Lifetimes, saying adios to work needn't be the finale to challenges and accomplishments. It marks instead the start of what she calls a "second curriculum." A period in life where wisdom from the past, coupled with financial security and professional status, allow you the time and energy to discover your life's true purpose.

Powers offers some heartfelt advice on following a fulfilling path to the second half of your life.

Why shouldn't people continue along in the same pattern or lifestyle after retirement? Why must they create a new vision?

The soul wants more. Sometimes human beings want to put themselves in a box and limit themselves because they are afraid of change. But that's what creates old age. At the bridge to midlife we need to have the foresight and passion to be able to wake up each morning, sizzle and get excited about starting the day.

If I know I have another 50 years of life, the thought of retirement is depressing. Because I have the ability to live longer, I have to come up with a new vision. I want a dynamic passionate life. We're getting a second chance to go beyond what we could have done two generations or a century ago.

How do people discover and understand the new expanded horizon in their lives?

By embracing your shadow, which means identifying your wishes, dreams and aspirations. Investigate roads not taken at earlier stages because there wasn't enough time, you didn't get the encouragement or lacked the confidence to follow through. Look back at your life journey and ask yourself: What aspirations do I need to explore now? What parts of myself do I need to express that have been dormant and asleep?

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