Lose 10 Years on Your Lunch Hour Self-Help Advice - Aging and Power Peels

Written by Suzanne Leigh

How Much Aging Do Power Peels Erase?
Dermatologists emphasize that it's important that patients have realistic expectations of power peels. A fresher, healthier-looking complexion is a viable goal, says Dr. George Boris, a cosmetic surgeon with practices in Beverly Hills, Culver City, Calif., and Paris, France.
Mature Beauty Make up Advice
Power peels can fade acne scars and reduce fine lines and age spots, but don't expect them to eliminate deep wrinkles, sagging jaws or ice-pick scars.
Don't expect a quick fix. Depending on the condition of your skin, a series of at least five power peels are recommended.
Although power peels are usually painless, people with sensitive skin who are treated with a higher-intensity machine may experience more pain.  
Don't expect the dramatic results of laser resurfacing or plastic surgery, which can tighten sagging jaws, erase deep lines and smooth away ice-pick scars. Power peels can generally rub away acne scars, fine lines and age spots -- those brown skin discolorations, the result of hereditary disposition or sun damage, that occur on the hands, limbs and torso as well as the face, says Boris.
People with very sensitive skin who may respond poorly to more aggressive cosmetic procedures are good candidates for power peels. Although the procedure takes between 15 to 30 minutes, one power peel is not a quick fix. Patients usually undergo a series of five to 10 treatments, repeated at two-week intervals.
Where Do I Get Power Peeled?

You can get power-peeled at a beauty salon or doctor's office. Prices at beauty salons may be slightly cheaper, but the higher-strength machines are usually found in doctors' offices. Expect to pay from $100 to $200 per peel, but ask about packages. Many salons and doctors' offices throw in a free fifth or sixth peel to encourage repeat business.

Although there have been a few horror stories about chemical peels at beauty salons - overly high chemical concentrations have left lasting scars - there is little to suggest that this has occurred with power peels.
Operating a power peel machine requires completing only a one-day training session. Even if you have the peel performed at a doctor's office, you may find that a technician or aesthetician has been delegated to carry out the procedure.
Both spas and doctors' offices frequently insist that patients buy a post-procedure treatment cream, which drives the price up an additional $20 to $30.
Finally, like all anti-aging procedures, the benefits of power peels do not last a lifetime. Depending on your age and sun exposure, touchups at frequent intervals are recommended.

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