Lose 10 Years on Your Lunch Hour Self-Help Advice

Written by Suzanne Leigh

Erase the age on your face with a quick power peel.

When Sylvia Mayoff unwittingly caught her reflection in the harsh glare of a fluorescent light, she knew it was time to face up to the age showing on her face.

I was used to looking at my reflection in the soft, flattering lighting of my bedroom, said 42-year-old Mayoff. What I saw scared me: a sallow muddy complexion, fine lines crisscrossing my face like a crazy road map and unsightly age spots.

Mayoff was experiencing one of the natural effects of aging, the process in which the sloughing of old skin cells and replacement with fresh ones starts to slow down, giving the appearance of dullness, open pores and uneven skin tone.

Mature Beauty Make over
Power peels work better than chemical peels, but don't achieve the same results as plastic surgery or laser resurfacing.
Power peels exfoliate the outermost layer of the skin, revealing the younger-looking skin underneath.
Power peels are also believed to stimulate the production of collagen, the protein layer below the skin responsible for structure and firmness.  
For Mayoff, an office manager at an Internet company in San Jose, Calif., plastic surgery wasn't an option she could seriously consider. "Apart from the cost, it wasn't feasible taking weeks off work while my face recovered," she said. Instead, Mayoff opted for a power peel or lunchtime peel, a clever marketing moniker that plays on the swiftness of the procedure as well as the remarkably speedy recovery time.
What do others say about power peels?
Power peels are stronger than standard chemical peels but not as invasive as laser resurfacing or face-lifts. They're also gentler than dermabrasion, a procedure in which a rotating surgical instrument is used to remove the outermost layer of the skin under anesthesia. Both power peels and dermabrasion work by exfoliating or buffing the outermost layer of the skin, revealing the fresher skin underneath
Technically known as microdermabrasion, power peels may be performed in a doctor's office or in a beauty salon. An instrument that is brushed over the patient's face spits out crystals of aluminum oxide onto the skin. In a second step, the face is again brushed with a vacuum that suctions up the crystal, dead skin and debris.
Power peels promote the turnover of skin cells, reversing earlier damage, smoothing out skin texture and evening out blotchy discoloration. Dermatologists say that power peels can also stimulate the formation of collagen, the protein layer beneath the skin that provides structure and firmness. This influx of collagen is believed to help diminish lines and mild wrinkles.
Power peels usually cause minimal discomfort and may feel like a cat's tongue licking your face. However the level of discomfort may vary with the patient's skin sensitivity and the equipment available at the doctor's office or salon. In general, the machines powered by foot pedals at doctor's offices are stronger.

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