If you feel at risk for developing osteoporosis, consider being tested for the disease. At the present time, there are three methods of testing:

Nutrition for Slowing Aging
Osteoporosis causes vertebrae in your spine to shrink.
Losing one-half inch in height is an important reason for further osteoporosis tests.
One way of testing for bone loss is with a specialized X-ray called DEXA.
An imbalance of certain chemicals in the urine is an indicator of bone loss.  
Height Loss:
Osteoporosis causes the vertebrae in your spine to shrink, which causes a loss in height. This starts to become visually apparent in some people. Doctors say a loss of one-half inch is significant and is reason to take additional bone-density measurements.

Bone Density (DEXA):
The most accurate bone-density testing is DEXA. This test uses a lower dose of radiation than standard X-rays and can detect a change in bone mass of 3 to 5 percent.
This test measures your risk for osteoporosis by evaluating various chemicals in your urine. During bone loss, parts of the bones such as collagen are broken down, and fibers are released into the urine. A higher-than-average concentration of chemicals in the collagen fibers is an indication of progressive bone loss.

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