How to Prevent Bone Loss - Men Get Osteoporosis, Too

Written by Rita Kennen

Two million American men suffer from osteoporosis, and another 3 million are at risk of developing it sometime in their lives. Despite the fact that men suffer one-third of all hip fractures each year, many men with osteoporosis go undiagnosed.
Midlife Weight Control
Two million men in this country suffer from osteoporosis.
Caucasian men are at greater risk for osteoporosis.
A low testosterone level is an osteoporosis risk factor for men.
Men may benefit from some of the same drugs used to treat osteoporosis in women.  
Risk Factors
Long exposure to steroids, anticonvulsants, certain cancer treatments and antacids that contain aluminum.
Altered hormone levels resulting from diseases that affect the kidneys, lungs stomach or intestines.
Low levels of testosterone
Health and lifestyle choices such as smoking, excessive alcohol, insufficient exercise and low intake of calcium.
Bone loss associated with age
Race: White men are at the greatest risk for osteoporosis
Medications for Men
Bisphosphonates. Much like estrogen, this group of drugs can inhibit bone breakdown, preserve bone mass and even increase bone density in your spine and hip. In general, bisphosphonates may reduce your risk of hip and spine fractures by about 50 percent. Bisphosphonates may be especially beneficial for men, young adults and people with steroid-induced osteoporosis. There are side effects, so definitely check with your doctor. 
In some cases, doctors will also recommend testosterone replacement therapy in addition to the standard drug treatments used for women.

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