10 Beauty Tips for Mature Women - Laura Mercier Beauty Tips

Written by Lauren Long

Laura Mercier's Beauty Tips

Beauty expert and cosmetics maven Laura Mercier gives this advice so you can look younger and sexier:10 Beauty tips for aging bommer women

1. The most common makeup mistake women make is to wear too much foundation to hide wrinkles, which only exaggerates them. Avoid wrinkles when applying foundation and use it sparsely on other parts of the face.

2. Don't put foundation around the eyes. Use concealer for dark circles, avoiding the corners of the eyes where you have wrinkles. Use a dewy, creamy concealer that will reflect light without adding texture. Fix with a light translucent powder.

3. Don't skip foundation if you need to even out your skin tone. Apply foundation with a sponge and blend thoroughly. Or use a tinted moisturizer if you prefer not to wear foundation.

4. Apply makeup in natural light in front of a window.

5. The biggest skin-care mistake American women make is to take an all-or-nothing approach: either to neglect the skin entirely or to overdo it with heavy moisturizers and creams.

6. Another common error is excessive exfoliation, usually from a combination of Retin A or vitamin C serum with other products like glycolic acid. Many of the products at cosmetics counters today have exfoliants, so read labels and avoid them if you already use Retin A or a vitamin C serum.

7. As you grow older and your skin loses some of its natural color, makeup can help restore a healthy look. Use a tinted moisturizer for a slightly tanned look or a cream blush to put natural-looking color back into your cheeks.

8. Gray is a fantastic color for eye shadow; it goes with every eye color.

9. As you mature and lips become thinner, darker lipstick can make you look older. Use something more colorful than beige, of course, perhaps a peachy tone or a rose shade that does not contain too much red.

10. Use cream blushes and eye shadows, rather than powders, on mature skin.

Photographer: Carole Nickerson

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