Advice on Feeling and Looking Younger - 7 Signals Your Body is in Crisis

Written by Rita Kennen

Seven Signals of a Body Energy Crisis

Dr. Erika Schwartz knew something was amiss when she returned from a relaxing vacationfeeling sick exhausted and ill with a virus. Even after medical tests indicated she'd recovered from the virus, she still felt tired. For the first time in her 45 years, an unhappy Schwartz knew her body was slowing down.

Expand Your "Comfort Zone" and feel younger
Constant fatigue is a universal symptom of a low energy level.
Understanding the messages your body is sending is the first step towards increasing your energy.
Most people suffer from more than one of the seven signs of an energy crisis.

That sent her digging deep into research on fatigue. She asked 300 people about how much energy they did or didn't have. "We didn't give them a list," says Schwartz. "But instead asked them to tell us what makes you think you don't have enough energy."

Working with her patients, Schwartz created this list of the seven warning signs of a depleted energy system. How many of these symptoms fit you?

  • Your mind and body disagree. This happens when your brain says go but your body says no way.
  • You drag yourself out of bed every morning.
  • You constantly yearn for an afternoon nap.
  • Your head feels like it's in a fog.
  • You find yourself searching for a quick sugar fix several times during the day.
  • You feel blue and can't figure out why.
  • You'd rather sleep than have sex.
  • If any of these warning signs sound familiar, take comfort in the fact that a gradual decline in energy is not irreversible.

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