Advice on Feeling and Looking Younger

Written by Rita Kennen

Make yourself a lean, mean energy machine!          

If you feel good, you'll look good. If you look good, you'll feel young. ---Erika Schwartz M.D.-author, Natural Energy

Rejuvenating Brains Despite Aging
Bioenergetics is the science of how the body uses energy.
Fuel for the body is manufactured in cell structures called mitochondria.
The highest concentrations of mitochondria are in hardworking organs like the heart, liver and brain.
As you age, so do your mitochondria. Without any compensation, your body may fall into an energy crisis.

The number of people who don't listen to their own bodies amazes Dr. Erika Schwartz. "We keep pushing harder and harder and then are surprised when our bodies break down."

Schwartz is a practicing internist, former director of a hospital emergency room and single mother of two girls. She's also the creator of a natural energy makeover that she claims will take you from Tired to Terrific in 10 Days, Natural Energy.

Her message is simple: Tune-up your body the same way you tune-up your car. Give it the attention it needs and it'll run for a very long time.

How you manufacture energy Schwartz is a pioneer in the hot new field of bioenergetics: the science of how your body uses energy. The process of transforming food and nutrients into energy is called metabolism.

The food you eat is broken down by the digestive tract. This digested food is turned into nutrients by microscopic cell structures called mitochondria. Mitochondria take those nutrients and turn them into fuel. Although they occur everywhere in the body, mitochondria are more densely concentrated in organs with the toughest jobs like the heart, brain and kidneys.

When you're young, mitochondria are strong and produce all the fuel your body needs to keep it going. But as years pass, the mitochondria lose shape and structure and become less likely to produce a sufficient amount of fuel. If you don't compensate, your body goes through what Schwartz calls an energy crisis.

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