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What to Do When Your Workplace Culture Stinks

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Hi readers!

workplace cultureIdeally we wake up each morning and head into an office full of inspiring, positive energy: Leaders who listen to your thoughts and co-workers who want the best for you. Well, that isn’t always the case and unfortunately sometimes we find ourselves having to deal with a not so ideal environment; an environment where negative feedback, cutthroat competition, and fear are everyday occurrences.

How do you cope when you live in a workplace that does not nurture you? It all goes back to the idea of resilience.

The three areas that create resilience, or our best ability to bounce-back and survive under challenging circumstances:

Relationship to Self (having self-confidence, and the belief that things will work out for you)

Relationship to Others (having a support systems and mutually fulfilling relationships)

Relationship to your Environment (coping well with the things that happen around you)

The easy solution might seem like getting another job with a better environment, but sometimes it might be worth sticking it out and learning to cope in order to achieve your goals. One thing you can do is remain focused on your work and on your goals, and remember that no one can make you feel unappreciated unless you let them. Try and face any negative comments or behavior with positivity – don’t give in to pettiness! It will only hold you back.

You can also seek out a trusted confidante to discuss your issues. It’s never good to hold things in, so having some outlet is always healthy. Try and set a positive example in the face of a non-nurturing environment – and take the negative things around you as lessons for the future: sometimes learning how to cope with difficult circumstances can build our ability to thrive!

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Karlin Sloan is the founder and CEO of Karlin Sloan and Company, Ms. Sloan provides organization development consulting, training and executive coaching to clients the U.S., Europe, South America and Asia. She is the author of Smarter, Faster, Better; Strategies for Effective, Enduring, and Fulfilled Leadership (Jossey-Bass, 2006) and Unfear (January 2011).
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