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What I learned from watching the movie Julie and Julia

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I watched the movie Julie and Julia tonight and had more than one little epiphany which led me to spontaneously decide to share them here.  This is what the charming story had me realize.

Nice girls cuss in their blogs sometimes. Really good writers with something to offer had to persevere through adversity, rejection, weird friendships and disappointments. Even the happiest of marriages have blips of discomfort, arguments and require a recalibration.

You can have an idol of sorts who inspires you and re-routes your life and that person may not even give you a second glance.  But you in fact may be a huge part of that person?s legacy. (Even if they don?t know it?.right up until they exhale for the last time.)

You are wired for certain things just as surely as your eyes are brown, blue or green.  Cooking is one of those things.  Let it go if you are a crappy cook and find your ?thing?

Unlike the original blogger from the movie, I am not setting out to cook every recipe in Julia Child?s cookbook in a year. Instead, I am on my own road to my personal Renaissance.

\?re-n?-?sän(t)s, -?zän(t)s, -?sä?s, -?zä?s, ?re-n?-?, chiefly British ri-?n?-s?n(t)s\

rebirth, revival

Yeah, that is about right.  Rebirth and revival have nailed it. Julie Powell, the blogging cook of Julie and Julia fame taught me something.  When your business/work calls on you to be full of light, there has to be a place to express the shadow.  Like Debbie Ford shares in the Shadow Effect?we each have the capability for both ends of the spectrum and when we admit that, we are free.
My professional work is about hope; but sometimes I do doubt.
It is about empowerment, but sometimes I feel weak.
It is about kindness, support and love, but I can feel apathy, self-centered and profound dislike.

When I was growing up I didn?t care for my name.  People said it wrong all-the-time. If my parents had written it with two n?,s that would have made it clearly RENNA like henna.  Now, I LOVE my name, especially now, when I am sure it is a Divine nudge to get my rebirth in order.

Here?s to a rebirth.

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Rena M. Reese is the founder of Soul Salon International, an inspirational multimedia company. She is the author of several inspirational titles, a professional speaker and coach as well as the host of a weekly radio program, The Soul Salon. For more inspiration and information, please visit and connect with her on Facebook and Twitter @TheSoulSalon.
Original author: Rena M. Reese
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