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What About Loose Skin?

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muffin topThis great question came in from one of my clients yesterday. It's a pretty common one, so I hope you find it useful!

Q: As I am removing the layer of fat padding, I am seeing more loose skin and wrinkled skin on my arms and legs when I bend them. I am hoping that this goes away...It's not like I have lost 75 pounds and have large amts of skin...but the looseness is odd looking. Makes me feel "old."

A: My first suggestion is to give your body some time to produce more collagen. It does this naturally in response to the skin having less area to cover. Whether you lose a lot or a little, the process takes time.

As a general rule, 5-6 weeks is typically the amount of time it takes for your skin to react and begin adjusting to each pound you lose, so allow it to do its job. The trigger and the process is something that can't be rushed.

This is one of the reasons that rapid weight loss is a real problem, because when people lose body fat too fast, the skin and body just can't keep up with the loss, hence, loose skin appears.

Loose skin, however, is not as much of a permanent problem as most people think - especially if you do things right (keeping your weight loss at between .85 and 1.11 pounds per week is essential.) Here are 5 other things that will really help keep your skin in top condition as you move toward your goal weight:

1) Drink water like you are going for a record  - 90-120 oz per day.

2) Make your essential fat of choice cold pressed organic flax seed oil. Barlene's is my favorite! 1-2 tablespoons per day, as long as you are not consuming a lot of other fatty foods such as cold water fish, avocado, nuts or nut butter. These are all good fats, but if you over consume fat, no matter how "good" it is, it will make you fat! Keep your total consumption right at 1-2 ounces per day. Don?t double up on fat, otherwise lose skin will be the least of your concerns!

3) Eat something every day that is naturally high in antioxidants like berries, kale, or other colorful fruits, vegetables and spices that have a high orac value. Here is an article I found that lists even more foods that have a high Orac rating:

4) Use a super moisturizing lotion head-to-toe at least twice a day after every shower, or anytime you take a warm bath or take a dip in the jacuzzi. I like Nivea Skin Firming Moisturize with Q10:

5) Avoid soda pop in any form (yes, ANY soda, including diet, light, or fully leaded)

If you are doing all of these things, the only thing left is patience.

Dianne orwigDianne Orwig is a success coach, motivational speaker, fitness trainer, and founder of LivingFit Online(TM), a fitness program that has helped thousands of men and women completely transform their bodies and live healthier, happier lives though her less-is-better approach.

For more information on how you can get better results in less time and with less effort than you ever thought possible, visit

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