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Weight bearing exercises for osteoporosis prevention

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Research has shown that exercises performed with light to medium weights will help improve bone strength. That along with weight bearing exercises (walking, jogging, jumping rope) should be performed at least 4 hours per week to achieve maximum bone strength.

In this osteoporosis video, I will go through some of those weight bearing exercises, such as squats with different arm positions. This video can be performed daily to achieve a 4 hour minimum of weight bearing exercises in a week.

In this video, the exercises are performed standing, with the use of two pound weights and an inflated exercise ball. The person performing these standing exercises is leaning against the exercise ball with her legs slightly in front of her. This will help prevent her knees from going over her toes, which you do not want as you squat.

The proper breathing technique is also explained as the mini squat is performed. Inhale on the way down and exhale on the way up as you straighten your knees. Hold your stomach muscles tight. Notice that maintaining good posture is very important as the squat is being performed.

weight bearing exerciesAfter one set of ten repetitions is completed, the two pound weights are used for a bicep curl and then as a shoulder strengthening exercise. As the person lowers into the squat position, the elbows are bending into a bicep curl and then lowered slowly. After ten repetitions, the entire arm is lifting to shoulder level as the person squats and the arms are brought back to the sides as she stands up. Again, this is a great weight bearing exercise and with light weights it makes it an even better exercies for muscle and bone strengthening.

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