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The Bad Days Can Have Good Outcomes

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having a bad dayOf course, we will have bad days ? it?s really unavoidable. But we can decide how we want those negatives to affect us. There are plenty of people who complain about what seems like everything, while there are also people who have a happy attitude even when negative things happen to them.


We can all handle the negatives in our lives differently by turning them around. You may not have noticed that bad things often yield good results. For example, if you lose your job, you might be severely depressed and think it is the worst thing that could have happened. But, eventually you will probably realize that losing your job caused you to find a job that you love so much more or it led you in a direction in your life that you would never have had the opportunity to take had you stayed at your job.


In almost every case, there is something good that comes out of what we perceive as bad. I believe that everything happens for a reason, so if something seemingly bad happens to us, we need to look for the treasure that comes out of it or look for the lesson it taught us (since learning an important lesson is also a treasure).


As something comes up that appears negative, take a moment to ask yourself what good might come out of it. You might even want to record your ?negatives? and then note the positives that come out of them as you discover them. It can be enlightening to look over your notes and see how true it really is!


Take a minute now and comment with something ?negative? that happened to you that was actually good in the end. We can all learn from each other sharing.


Faith M. Davis is an internationally recognized author, an artist, and a copywriter and marketing professional with a background in life coaching. She uses words and art to transform lives through 1) Freelance Writing, Copywriting & Marketing for the Holistic Industry:, and 2) Enchant ~ Designs for the Soul:

Original author: Faith M. Davis
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Faith M. Davis is an author, an artist, and a copywriter and marketing professional with a background in life coaching. She uses words and art to transform lives. She does this with 1) Freelance Writing, Copywriting and Marketing for the Holistic Industry, and 2) the launch of her line of inspirational paper products to uplift and inspire.

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