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The 6% Solution To Weight Loss

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Vacation eatingLet's face it.  Americans are fat, fat, fat. According to current statistics, a whopping 60% are overweight and, of the 40% left, only about 6% fall into the lean category. (Those nice folks who can see their abs.)

So, whether your goal is to show off your six-pack or just shed a few nagging pounds, it makes sense to take a hard look at what sets this small group of lean-and-strong apart from the rest. How do they manage to accomplish what 94% of Americans find nearly impossible? The answer might surprise you.

Walk This Way 

In an effort to move yourself and your results closer to this finite group of 6%, your first inclination might be to look at what they do. What kind of exercise, free weights or machines? How many hours of cardio? Do they run marathons or prefer spin class? What about food? Do they focus on fat free, high protein, low carbohydrate, vegetarian or raw, organic foods? Do they take supplements? Do they prefer the bike over the treadmill? Do they workout in the morning or afternoon?

Whew! All good questions, but guess what? As counter intuitive as it may sound, all of these variables take a big back seat to the true keys to winning the fitness game. That's not to imply that the "action" elements of fitness aren't important, but I am going to let you in on a little secret. They aren't the most important part.

Action vs. Attitude 

What I have discovered over the past 13 years, having helped thousands of people make some pretty jaw-dropping transformations, is that the work of getting fit is not nearly as important as the habits, mindset and intention behind the work. These habits and intentions are at the core of what keeps this elite group (those I affectionately refer to as 6%ers) lean, strong, healthy and in charge.

The following are just a few of the principles behind what I call, The 6% Solution.  Use them to "fill in the gaps" in your fitness regime and, guaranteed, you will shift your results from ordinary to extraordinary:

6% Solution #1 Have An Air-Tight Plan: 6%ers have a daily food plan, usually in writing, which they prepare every evening for the next day, regardless of how busy they are or how repetitious it seems. They map out when and what they will eat in "real" time to address the unique variables of each day.

6% Solution #2  Be an Independent Eating Machine: 6%ers prepare and carry the majority of the food and water they plan to consume, and they take it wherever they go - just like their wallet, their cell phone, and their briefcase. They don't leave home without it.

6% Solution #3 Honor Self-Promises - 6%ers schedule their workouts into their calendars or planners, and incorporate them in and around all the other appointments that are part of the regular mix of daily life. They treat these personal appointments just as they would any other critical meeting or engagement. When they find a conflict, they don't skip it altogether, they reschedule it for another time.

6% Solution #4 Tap The Power of Pen to Paper: 6%ers feed their motivation by keeping a written journal of their progress, just as they would any project under construction. They track, on paper, their workouts, their weights, their body fat and their daily, weekly, and monthly goals.

6% Solution #5 Create a Vision of Success:  6%ers visualize their success ? they use goal pictures, story boards, and other visual cues to keep their mind focused on exactly what they want.

6% Solution #6 Ramp Up Your Word Power:  6%ers continually move their thoughts, vision, and speech away from low frequency words such as "old, tired, depressed, weak, and stressed" and, instead, chose words that move their thoughts and actions to a higher vibration. As opposed to "I dread going to the gym," they choose to say, "I appreciate the time I'm investing in myself."

6% Solution #7 Focus On What You Want:  6%ers consistently point their minds away from the things they don't want and persistently toward the things they desire most.

Now, the only question left is, what do you need to do to become a 6%er?


Dianne is an international fitness expert, speaker, writer, success coach and master level certified personal trainer who has helped thousands of men, women and young adults achieve incredible, jaw-dropping results, in less time and with less effort than they ever thought possible. For more information, visit her website at

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