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Summer protection in the sun!

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Summer is here and it is time to get outside for some fun! As we know it gets very hot, very quickly so there are some important things to remember when spending time outside. Remember to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. In a humid climate, like Florida, we sweat a lot more therefore we need to hydrate more to prevent heat exhaustion, and the more severe, heat stroke.sun protection guideline

Also, don't forget your sunscreen! In the summer, the sun is so strong and sunscreen should be worn as a daily moisturizer. Now you can find moisturizers that have SPF in them and it can become a habit to just put it on first thing in the morning and you will be protected for at least a few hours. If you are spending hours in the sun at the beach or pool remember to reapply.

For those who garden or are just outside for the summer, you should try to cover up your arms with a light, breathable shirt, and wear a hat to cover up your face and neck. As we know, hours can go by without us even knowing it when working outside and then we are burnt to a crisp, so avoid this by covering up! Bring water outside with you and try to take some breaks inside a cool house.

Heat exhaustion is a huge problem, especially in the South, so do everything you can to prevent this! Stay hydrated, cover up, and wear your sunscreen!

Contributed by Krista Magnoli, PTA @ The Physical Therapy Center in West Palm Beach, FLorida.

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