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What is the Missing Link to Goal Planning?

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spiritual woman photoIf you are like most people, you are probably tired of reading the same information about goal planning over and over again and still never getting results. So what is the missing link?

The answer is spirituality. “Goal planning with spirit,” as I put it. I am not talking religion here. I am talking about the universal elements that make up our lives and affect us whether we are aware of it or not.

Bringing spirituality into your goal planning can create lightness and joy, and it allows you to flow with your goal achievement rather than struggling uphill to reach a difficult summit.

I thought this was timely information since many of you are probably setting New Years resolutions and planning out your year for 2012, so I put together a special report on the topic. I can’t fit it all in here, but I wanted to summarize the points for you, and if you are interested in learning more, I’ll tell you how to get the free report at the end of this article. Here are the main points you need to consider on this topic:

  • When you start goal planning, you first want to bring in awareness. You need to notice the synchronicities (or “coincidences”) that happen in your life. Be aware of the ways that the Universe is conspiring to push you in a certain direction.

  • Learn to trust in your spiritual support system. You wouldn’t have a dream or goal in mind if the Universe didn’t know you could achieve it. Tune into your passions and desires. When you trust in the Universe to help lead you, you will find a way to shine your light on the world.

  • Use the law of attraction to your advantage instead of to your disadvantage. You are always using the law of attraction, even though you don’t realize it, just like you are always using the law of gravity. Learning how the law of attraction really works and that there is a buffer of time involved is key to accomplishing your goals. A buffer of time just means that what we are living now is a result of what we were thinking and feeling days/weeks/months ago.

  • Fear gets the best of all of us in one way or another. But when you remember that the point of life is to learn lessons so we can grow and evolve as souls, fear starts to melt away. We aren’t meant to be perfect in this life. When you realize there are lessons all around you and that making a wrong turn is just an opportunity to learn, you set yourself up for success.

  • Life is easier when you unite your personality with your soul because your soul has the Universal knowledge imprinted in it. To unite with your soul, you need to nourish your soul by spending time with it in meditation. Find the form of meditation that is right for you and practice it daily, and you’ll feel a new energy pushing you forward.

For the full report, visit:

Faith M. Davis is an internationally recognized author, freelance writer and marketing professional with a background in life coaching. She writes for holistic business owners and publications, focusing on the subjects and industries she knows and loves most: holistic health, wellness, self-help, metaphysics, inspirational topics and marketing. More information about her work and her services can be found at

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Faith M. Davis is an author, an artist, and a copywriter and marketing professional with a background in life coaching. She uses words and art to transform lives. She does this with 1) Freelance Writing, Copywriting and Marketing for the Holistic Industry, and 2) the launch of her line of inspirational paper products to uplift and inspire.

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