When I woke in the middle of the night for the 3rd time to go to the bathroom (incontinencesetting realistic goals and expectations again!),  I found myself muttering.  Of course, the middle of the night is the worst time to think about anything, and I was panicking about what wouldn't get done today.   One thing I'm good at is capitalizing on what happens to me and using it in my work.   Hence, today's post.

It's a new year and you've probably made plenty of useless resolutions. Why not think about this?   

What can you do to GET RID OF THE SHOULD and FOCUS ON THE CAN DO?   I ask you, what can be more important than this when you live with unpredictable health?

It doesn't matter whether you're self-employed, employed by other or unemployed.   Setting expectations that you can meet is critical to creating satisfaction -- your own and others. 

Let's look at my own recent experience.   Two weeks ago, I'd planned to write a blog post before I started my week vacation.  When t time was running out and my 'to do' list was still pretty hefty, I ditched whatever wasn't a 'must do'.   I went into vacation feeling good about taking the time off. Yup.  You could say that I felt satisfied with myself.

On my return, I was determined to get the blog post done because it's my policy that no more than two weeks pass between posts.  But other work had piled up and my health took a nose dive (not major but annoying and time consuming).

Which is why I went to bed last night very tired from my recent health issues and frustrated, angry and feeling sorry for myself  about the things that weren't  getting done.  I desperately needed an 'expectation reset.'

Whether you're dealing with your boss, colleagues, those you supervise, clients or your self.  You fall into a black hole  focusing on what you can not do rather than figuring out what you are able to do right now.

I developed an exercise called The Pulse for my clients and I've described it in detail in my  Workbook, Keep Working with Chronic IllnessThe Pulse is designed to help you stop with your stories, the blame, etc., and put your energy on what's going on.

How are you doing with setting expectations that you can meet?  Are you willing to do a re-set when it's necessary?  It's not easy but can you plan for what it will take to do this?

OK.  I'm moving on in my 'to do' list.  How's today going for you?