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Re-Connecting with Old Friends and New Hope

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There has been alot written about high school sweethearts finding themselves after many years. Iimage currently have two different patients who each reunited with a high school sweetheart after marrying and then losing a spouse. Sweet.


Recently , an old friend from high school reacquainted himself with me on Facebook. I love Facebook for that reason. I have wondered how friends that grew up with me were doing and now I get to find out. Those were simpler times and the memories so clear and innocent. We had our lives in front of us and we were invincible. 


imageWhen I think of all the life that was lived since 1972 ...well it's astounding.  We all grew up in Tampa, Florida and went to different Catholic high schools. The girls went to Tampa Catholic; the boys, Jesuit.  We met through one couple and the circle expanded from there. 


Now, as time has gone by everyone is in such a different place. We're single, married, or divorced.   Some have grown children; others no children at all. The yearning to recapture those connections persist. And I don?t think I?m alone.


My stomach is nervous about seeing my old friend. Will he think me old and tarnished somehow?  Will I think him, boring? All I know is that I look forward to renewing these old friendships as a way to remember my innocence and maybe recapture the hope that we all had for the future.

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Original author: Nancy Whelan, PT
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