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Ode to Health, Change, and Physical Therapy!

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October is National Physical Therapy month and as a prospective DPT (Doctorate of Physical Therapy) student and an advocate of celebrating health and vitality, I’ll lay a few things on the line about the practice and its benefits and where I see myself in the future of the field.  First things first, physical therapy aims to help people help themselves.  In my opinion, the claim to fame here is its involvement in the health-care industry as opposed to the so-common sick-care industry! 

We don’t have to hang on to or “Band-Aid” our pain and discomfort! The goal of  physical therapy is to develop a unique plan of care that treats the source of a problem and improves the quality of life via education, prevention, and change. 

Our bodies are stronger and more resilient than we give them credit but sometimes, we’ve got to make a little effort and be encouraged to do so.physical therapy  I feel that the practice of  physical therapy fits seamlessly with a positive outlook on life, and that is my ode to the field and to the future of health and vitality.  Like I said before, I am on the journey of making this my career path. 

I see past the obstacles I will face and through the challenges of school ahead, and see right into a life that will enable me to apply all of my hard work and give back to the world that has given me so much.  If you’re someone, like me, who wants to help people help themselves, or if you’re someone who is looking for an evidence-based, preventative, and cost effective approach to healthcare, look into physical therapy and celebrate your body!

Article contributed by Katie Dewar, College student, and Physical Therapy Aide @ The Physical Therapy Center

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