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Do You Feel Uptight & Stressed?

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stressed business man photo“Are you being too uptight?” I have to ask this question of myself sometimes in order to loosen myself up. What happens is that life can beat us up and it can stress us out Then, it creates a cycle of being stressed which leads to feeling like you need to be uptight in order to survive, which only leads to more stress, and so it goes around and around.

I get stuck in that cycle from time to time even though I fully believe in and want flow in my life. Flow is beautiful. It is a peaceful feeling that allows you to simply trust and know everything will work out as it should. And when you have that attitude, it does work out beautifully! But when you fight against what is happening in your life instead of flowing with it, you create stress and you end up feeling uptight.

When I say “uptight,” I am referring to that part of you that says, “It absolutely has to be this way or my world is going to crash down around me.” We can be uptight about big things, such as the belief that our kids have to go to college or that we have to find our true love by 30 so we can settle down and have kids by 32 or it’s too late for us.

We can also be uptight about the smallest things, such as making sure none of the kids get a spec of dirt on the carpet or our whole day being ruined because we got stuck in traffic and arrived 2 minutes late for a meeting.

When you are uptight, not only does it stress you out personally, but you also give off an energy that stresses out other people around you. It’s like every little thing matters sooooo much and if it doesn’t go just right, you will freak out. It takes over and keeps you from having fun and happiness in your life.

The thing to remember is that when we are feeling uptight, we will only create more to be uptight about. When you relax and say to yourself, “In the scheme of things, this really doesn’t matter,” you will reset your energy. The more you can be in a state of flow, the smoother things will go for you.

Let go of being uptight and go for flow!


Faith M. Davis is an internationally recognized author, freelance writer and marketing professional with a background in life coaching. She writes for holistic business owners and publications, focusing on the subjects and industries she knows and loves most: holistic health, wellness, self-help, metaphysics, inspirational topics and marketing.

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Faith M. Davis is an author, an artist, and a copywriter and marketing professional with a background in life coaching. She uses words and art to transform lives. She does this with 1) Freelance Writing, Copywriting and Marketing for the Holistic Industry, and 2) the launch of her line of inspirational paper products to uplift and inspire.

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