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How to Prevent Bone Loss and a Slumping Posture

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Got osteo?

aging bones and osteoporosis

Are you concerned with the health of your bones because you were recently diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis? If so, there is help out there for you!

Recently, I was involved in making a video that focused on exercises to help people with bone density loss, whether it be from osteopenia, or full on osteoporosis.

The video begins with gentle posture and stabilization exercises. Also, light weights are used in the stabilization exercises while lying on your back.

The video shows proper positioning of the head and neck and the breathing technique that should be done during the stabilization exercises.

You will notice that I am reminding the woman performing these exercises to breathe while contracting her abdominal muscles. This cue is said several times during the video because it is very important for performing the exercises properly.

The first set of exercises is performed with two pound weights and there are 4 different arm positions. As mentioned in the video, 10 repetitions of each arm position are completed and another set of 10 can be performed if there is no muscle strain or fatigue.

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