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Improve Your Health by Choosing Better Thoughts

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improve your health with positive thoughtsOur bodies are exposed to a multitude of toxins everyday, and we feel their impact in the ailments and symptoms we experience. Our environment is unfortunately full of such toxins including: pollutants, chemicals in the air we breathe and in products we use, and pesticides on the food we eat. Another huge contributor that many people overlook, however, is our thoughts.

If you know any quantum physics, you know that thoughts are a form of energy, and our bodies respond to energy with feelings. For example, when our bodies take on negative energy, they will respond by feeling bad. Then our bodies will start experiencing all kinds of strange ailments because it doesn?t know how to handle the negative energy it is feeling. Therefore, when you think negative thoughts, you are essentially poisoning your body with toxins, and creating poor health as a result.

Stress is another thing that the body recognizes as a toxin. You've probably heard about, or even experienced, the strange things that can happen in the body when it is overloaded with stress. In many cases, the symptoms you are experiencing can't be diagnosed or explained, because the cause is not physical but is instead a response to how you are managing stress. This is good news, however, because it means that stress can be managed by controlling your thoughts.

What is interesting is that people can have similar demands on them and similar situations occurring in their lives, but their stress levels can be completely different. This is because stress is nothing more than a response to how YOU are dealing with what is happening in your life. By learning to control your thoughts and your responses to what happens in your life, you will feel less stress and your body will be exposed to less toxic thoughts.

One of the best detoxifications you can do for yourself is to get rid of your toxic thoughts! Start today by catching yourself when you have thoughts that are negative, and remember that you have the choice to have better thoughts. You are the only one who can do that for yourself and you are only hurting yourself by choosing not to.


Faith M. Davis is an internationally recognized author, an artist, and a copywriter and marketing professional with a background in life coaching. She uses words and art to transform lives through 1) Freelance Writing, Copywriting & Marketing for the Holistic Industry:, and 2) Enchant ~ Designs for the Soul:

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Faith M. Davis is an author, an artist, and a copywriter and marketing professional with a background in life coaching. She uses words and art to transform lives. She does this with 1) Freelance Writing, Copywriting and Marketing for the Holistic Industry, and 2) the launch of her line of inspirational paper products to uplift and inspire.

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