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Focus on Improving Me and Not Criticizing Others

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"Give so much time to building your self confidence and improving yourself that you have not time to criticize others." Abraham Maslow

I know that I have a lot to learn.  There are many things about me I can improve.  I?m just guessingimage here, but I bet that?s true for you too.  That?s why I choose to focus on improving me rather than criticizing others. 

I?m not a real religious guy, but I do remember a few bible stories.  There?s one where people are gathered to stone a woman who is accused of adultery.  Jesus disperses the angry crowd by telling them, ?Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone??  I know I am in no position to be casting stones.  I doubt if you are either.  None of us are perfect.  If we both choose to put our energy into building our self confidence and improving yourselves ? not criticizing others for their failings ? we will be happier, more confident and successful, and the world will be a less contentious place.

I first learned about Abraham Maslow?s hierarchy of human needs when I was in college at Penn State.  The model was structured as a pyramid with ?self actualization? at the top.  Dr. Maslow defined self actualization as ?being all that you can be? ? something the US Army borrowed for its TV recruiting commercials several years ago.

According to Dr. Maslow self actualization is an unattainable state, because no matter what you achieve, you soon realize that you can achieve even more.  You can take this one of two ways.  You can see it as negative and frustrating because you?ll never reach the goal of being self actualized.  Or you can see it as positive and inspiring because you?ll always have another dream to chase, another goal to reach.

I choose the latter.  I was telling someone the other day that the whole web 2.0 phenomenon has been great for me because I have begun to really learn lately.  I?ve always kept up in my field, but I?ve felt for the past few years that most of my learning was incremental.  I wasn?t making any quantum leaps forward.

However, since I?ve begun blogging and tweeting, I?ve learned a lot ? really a lot.  And, as the ninth point of my newsletter, the Optimist Creed points out, I haven?t had the time, nor the inclination, to think about what others are doing, much less criticizing them.  I?m busy learning and growing -? and that?s cool and fun and exciting. How about you? What are you learning and how are you growing?

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