October is National Physical Therapy Month! During the month of October we want to make people aware of what physical therapy is and how physical therapists help improve an individual’s mobility, function, and decrease pain.

Physical therapy involves skilled healing and rehabilitation of the body through non-invasive treatment to improve one’s quality of life. Non-invasive treatment means showing a person how to move and exercise in a safe way which can help prevent the more invasive types of treatments like injections or surgery.

PT mythsThis year the American Physical Therapy Association shares a great list of 7 myths about physical therapy. As a physical therapist assistant I think a very common myth is that physical therapy is painful and only for people with injuries. Quite the contrary. A physical therapist's goal is to minimize pain while improving function. We also work within a person’s pain threshold.

We can help prevent injuries by evaluating and diagnosing potential problems and providing stretches or exercises to strengthn muscles.

Bust those myths you may have about physical therapy but clicking on the link below!

Contributed by Krista Magnoli, PTA and Nancy Whelan, PT The Physical Therapy Center in West Palm