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Can your sandals be causing knee or back problems?

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We all know that wearing sandals are comfortable, especially in summer time, but how good are they for our feet? Most sandals are very flat and have no support. This can be bad for our feet for several different reasons.

People that suffer from plantar fasciitis should not be wearing sandals unless they have some type of arch support. Even with an arch support, sandals should not be worn for long distance walking.sandals bad for the feet Unsupportive or flat sandals can even cause plantar fasciitis, which is a very painful condition on the bottom of the foot. Research has proven that our toes try to grab and grip the sandal every time we take a step to hold the sandal on our foot, causing a strain on the toes and ball of the foot. We also do not strike our heel when walking in sandals which impairs our stride which can cause knee pain.

If you already suffer from ankle, knee, or hip problems sandals are making those issues worse! Even low back problems can be aggravated by wearing sandals for a prolonged period of time.

Without a doubt, during the hot summer months we are going to find ourselves in sandals at some point in time. Just remember they should not be worn all the time and for long distance walking. No one has perfect feet so we need to support and protect them as much as possible to avoid pain or other problems associated with the joints. Find a supportive sandal with an arch support and a strap on the back, and avoid completely flat sandals at all costs!

Contributed by Krista Magnoli, PTA and Nancy Whelan, PT @ The Physical Therapy Center in West Palm Beach, FLorida.

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