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Get that wallet out of your back pocket!

That's what I tell almost every guy that walks through the door. Over time, sitting on a big wallet can lead to muscle imbalance and back pain. (see photo of what your spine looks like while sitting on a wallet).

It's like sitting on a phone book, but under only one buttock for years on end. Over time, this can cause a hip hike or rise on one side and not the other.

Research has shown that people with chronic low back pain typically have the pain on the side that they keep the wallet on. Sometimes the position of the wallet can even push on the sciatic nerve, creating pain down the leg.

how to correct your posture
Maintaining a good posture is not just about looking good. (Although, you will look more confidant and thinner!)  A bad posture can cause some serious damage to anyone who has osteoporosis because it increases the risk of spinal bone fractures. Ouch! In a video we created below, Cathy demonstrates what a bad posture looks like. She then shows what a proper posture looks like.When you look at the proper posture you will see that the chin is slightly tucked and the shoulders are back and down so that the ear is in line with the shoulder and the shoulder is in...

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