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lou dobbs hierarchy
The best people you'll meet have what Abraham Maslow called, a "democratic character structure."  They appreciate and see the humanity in every human being. Maslow wrote, "Most profound, but also most vague is the hard-to-get-at tendency to give a certain quantum of respect to any human being just because he or she is a human individual."  This is because the best people see into our hearts, they sense with their own hearts who we each are.  And thus they look past or through our superficial differences such as age, sex, race. Abraham Lincoln, the democrat As aware as he was of the...

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teaching respect
 Making yourself look good doesn't mean kissing up. Dr. Wayne Dyer is widely credited with the wise saying, "You teach others how to treat you." Well, I'm a big believer in that statement. You teach others to regard you as important by respecting your own time and energy, not by always asking "How high?" when they say "Jump." An executive in my coaching practice, "Stan", is a key account director for a global consulting company that works with big-name clients worldwide. His clients are very demanding and will call at all hours of the day or night with requests both...

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