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"Can you tell me how I should look for a new job when I've  been told that I have to leave my job because of my bad health?"  what to do when you lose your job

I'd say that's a tough one, wouldn't you?  Esther is angry, feels totally alone and is really scared.  Seems understandable to me.

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workplace culture
Hi readers! Ideally we wake up each morning and head into an office full of inspiring, positive energy: Leaders who listen to your thoughts and co-workers who want the best for you. Well, that isn’t always the case and unfortunately sometimes we find ourselves having to deal with a not so ideal environment; an environment where negative feedback, cutthroat competition, and fear are everyday occurrences. How do you cope when you live in a workplace that does not nurture you? It all goes back to the idea of resilience. The three areas that create resilience, or our best ability to bounce-back...

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resilient stories with paul mccartney
Most people who achieve amazing results must, at one time or another, use their resilience in order to achieve those results. We all have these stories, and it’s worth looking at some of these tales, and how miraculously resilient we humans can be! Famous stories of resilience can remind us of how powerful we are to transform our circumstances. 1. Richard Branson had dyslexia and poor academic performance as a student. The entrepreneur behind the famous Virgin brands, he now owns 360 companies and is worth over 2.4 billion dollars. 2. Paul McCartney applied to join the choir of the...
Bad things happen, and we’re all mortal. Sometimes we forget that at work, and the death or illness of a colleague can be a great shock.   Nothing ever goes exactly as we had planned, and we constantly have to adapt and adjust to the events around us. Bouncing back from a major setback such as the death of a team member requires sensitivity and resilience on the part of team members and team leaders in equal measure. It’s never an easy process, but there are steps you can take to ensure those around you are getting the support they need...

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Japan Earthquake scene
"...significant, lasting change begins inside individuals and emanates outward, not the other way around. Systems change when groups of people together tap their resilience and change from the insideout." - Kathy Marshall, National Resilience Resource Center, University of Minnesota In the days since March 11, 2011, the world has witnessed the Japanese people struggle with unimaginable devastation caused by circumstances beyond mankind's ability to foresee or control. The after effects of the earthquake and tsunami that devastated so much of that country and which continue to compound, have far reaching consequences and offer  lessons in resilience that are worth studying. ...

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