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Do you sometimes feel like time is getting away from you? I make list after list oftime management tips what I want to accomplish each day – and often get a large chunk completed - but never seem to get everything done. Now that I make my lists on my PDA, it's easier to just change the date and roll the reminders over to the next day. Yet the sense of satisfaction that I feel when I do finish a project is a great motivator to become more focused so that I can attain more of my goals each day.

While we can't stop the clock, we can learn how to manage our time better this year. Here are some strategies I'm going to put in place myself. Maybe you'd like to try them on for size too:

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Stress and anxiety are very common when you work in business. Here are four techniques managing stress at workyou can use to manage yourself through daily stresses and anxieties.

over work
Mitchell thinks he is making himself look great when he emails his boss at midnight on a Saturday on his BlackBerry. Eileen thinks she's saving her job by being the last one on the IT team to leave every evening. Najit thinks she's got the world's best client relationship because she never says no to a request. Adam burns through double espressos getting his client work done and cuts back the hours he reports so he's not perceived as burning up billable hours. What's wrong with this picture?  Why are we killing ourselves? How are these things really making us...
how to manage stress
Are you feeling overwhelmed by 24-hour cable and Internet news, with vivid pictures, highlighting the dreadful effects of the massive earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown in Japan? These horrors have pushed the world's psyche into overload, causing increased levels of anxiety. If you're feeling vulnerable, you're not alone.  The palpable distress created by shocking news reports has added to the already high levels of stress identified by a national survey conducted by the American Psychological Association. The study found 75% of the general population experiences at least some stress every two weeks, with half of these rated at moderate or...

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