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how to correct your posture
Maintaining a good posture is not just about looking good. (Although, you will look more confidant and thinner!)  A bad posture can cause some serious damage to anyone who has osteoporosis because it increases the risk of spinal bone fractures. Ouch! In a video we created below, Cathy demonstrates what a bad posture looks like. She then shows what a proper posture looks like.When you look at the proper posture you will see that the chin is slightly tucked and the shoulders are back and down so that the ear is in line with the shoulder and the shoulder is in...

abdominal crunches for osteoporosis
Here are some modifed crunch exercises for people with osteoporosis. Keep knees bent and sit on a partially deflated exercise ball for added support. Slowly roll yourself so that the ball is placed in the mid to low back region, with hands supporting the head and neck. (Only use your hands as a cushion; don't pull on your neck. Easiest way to do this is the keep your elbows wide). This exercise will strengthen the abdominal muscles in a safe way because the position of the spine is only moving from a very slight bit of extension to a "neutral spine."...

how to do a plan video
Quadruped exercises, which use all four limbs, help build strong bones. These exercises allow a person to perform safe strengthening while bearing weight through the legs and arms.   In this video, you will see Cathy perform exercises on her hands and knees, as well as lying on her stomach on a partially deflated ball. The first exercise is called reciprocal extension, meaning if the right arm comes up the left leg will come up at the same time. Not only is this beneficial for weight bearing but it strengthens the muscles on each side of the spine and the abdominal muscles....

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Osteoporosis is defined as low bone mass or the deterioration of bone tissue. This can increase your risk for fractures of the spine, wrist, and hips. Fractures can occur all over the body, but these areas are where bone mineral density declines first, and most rapidly. How do we prevent our bones from becoming porous and what puts a person at risk? Research has proven that weight bearing exercises will build bone density through the spine and hips. This means exercising with weights while standing, and walking or jogging. Exercises done on the hands and knees will also target the upper...

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