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management bias toward workers
People gain their self-esteem from their work Work takes up the majority of our life. The contributions we make, the feedback we receive, the new opportunities – all contribute to our self-esteem. When people feel good about their work, they communicate better, establish better working relationships, and feel more positive. When people are not treated fairly, they hold back ideas, don't help their peers as much and sometimes might even have negative things to say to customers about where they work. All this is bad for business. The role of the manager There have been many theories established and management books written discussing what...
resilience training
Welcome back readers! And hang in there... Many people believe that we’re either born tough or weak, and our circumstances dictate how we turn out. I am a firm believer that we can all learn to be resilient, and our ability to bounce back is not based on our genetics or even our life experience. The most powerful, effective managers and leaders are those who step up to a challenge and face it with flexibility, courage, and the ability to inspire others to follow them into the unknown. They may not know how strong they are before they are tested, but...

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how to avoid cultural gaffs when traveling overseas
Hello readers! I’m sure many of you work with businesses and leaders across the globe, either in person or via online communication and social media outreach. Our world is rapidly becoming much smaller, and the customs and nuances from one country to the next can prove a little daunting at times. In 2010 Michelle Obama mistakenly shook hands with an Indonesian dignitary, unaware that this was improper cultural etiquette. The dignitary practiced a conservative orthodoxy that forbids physical contact between a man and woman who are not related. Most Indonesian Muslims are more moderate, so it was probably tough for Mrs....

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when leaders should apologize at work
It may sound counterintuitive, but leaders should almost always apologize. Except when they shouldn't. That’s right – to set the best example and foster a positive, motivated environment, leaders should hold themselves accountable for any mistakes and let their employees and colleagues know when they’re sorry. Yet there are those times when apologies are not in order – sometimes it’s not easy, but it is necessary. Top 3 reasons not to apologize: 1. When someone messes up and you have to give feedback: In this case, there is no need for “sorry” because, well, you didn’t do anything wrong necessarily. If...

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