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when leaders should apologize at work
It may sound counterintuitive, but leaders should almost always apologize. Except when they shouldn't. That’s right – to set the best example and foster a positive, motivated environment, leaders should hold themselves accountable for any mistakes and let their employees and colleagues know when they’re sorry. Yet there are those times when apologies are not in order – sometimes it’s not easy, but it is necessary. Top 3 reasons not to apologize: 1. When someone messes up and you have to give feedback: In this case, there is no need for “sorry” because, well, you didn’t do anything wrong necessarily. If...
What prevents us from making the changes we know will make us more effective leaders? Great question. I may be the only executive educator who actually measures whether the participants in my leadership development courses actually do what I teach--and then measures if they are seen as becoming more effective leaders. At the end of my sessions, I ask leaders (who have received 360-degree feedback) to follow up with their co-workers and ask for ongoing ideas about how they can continue to become more effective. A year later, about 70% do some version of this recommended follow-up (as reported by their...

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Courageous leaders recognize defining moments and apply courage at work. This conscious action is vital to their success. By developing the following behaviors in yourself, you?ll be better able to call upon your courage when needed. 1. Constantly affirm your strength and determinationRealize that no one expects you to be perfect. They do, however, expect you to do your best. Take time for daily reflection so you can evaluate your resources and how you can best use them. When you know how your strengths can benefit your organization, you'll be able to do what you believe is right and see...
self image and reality
Can you see in yourself what others see in you, or do you see in others what you don't see in yourself? As a Ph.D. student at UCLA in the 70s, I had a self-image of being 'hip.' I believed I was involved in discovering deeper human understanding,self-actualization, and profound wisdom. Early in my Ph.D. program, I was a student in a class with 12 other people led by a wise teacher, Dr. Bob Tannenbaum. Bob had invented 'sensitivity training', published a popular article in the Harvard Business Review, and was a full professor. In Bob's class, we could discuss...
howard schultz leadership style
by Howard Behar and Michael Lee Stallard American leaders need to wake up and smell the coffee. Research from two well-respected organizations makes it clear that we have a big collective blind spot that's dragging down productivity, innovation and economic performance. Earlier this year, a Conference Board research report showed that job satisfaction is at the lowest level since the organization began measuring it more than 20 years ago. The report went on to show this has been a long-term downward trend rather than a temporary decline due to the Great Recession. Another well-respected organization, the Corporate Executive Board, came...

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