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We all start out with the best intentions in mind when the excitement of the New Year comes. After all, a new year should mean a new start right? We want things to be different in our lives so we set those resolutions so we can make them happen.The problem is that life gets in the way. You want to lose weight but you can never seem to find the time to work out and eat healthy. You want to start that new side business you dream about, but it feels too overwhelming. You want to spend more quality time with...
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If you are like most people, you are probably tired of reading the same information about goal planning over and over again and still never getting results. So what is the missing link?The answer is spirituality. “Goal planning with spirit,” as I put it. I am not talking religion here. I am talking about the universal elements that make up our lives and affect us whether we are aware of it or not.Bringing spirituality into your goal planning can create lightness and joy, and it allows you to flow with your goal achievement rather than struggling uphill to reach a difficult...

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