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Do you sometimes feel like time is getting away from you? I make list after list oftime management tips what I want to accomplish each day – and often get a large chunk completed - but never seem to get everything done. Now that I make my lists on my PDA, it's easier to just change the date and roll the reminders over to the next day. Yet the sense of satisfaction that I feel when I do finish a project is a great motivator to become more focused so that I can attain more of my goals each day.

While we can't stop the clock, we can learn how to manage our time better this year. Here are some strategies I'm going to put in place myself. Maybe you'd like to try them on for size too:

courageous conversations
Want to be happier and more successful? First, it starts with being courageous. We're not talking about jumping from high buildings like Superman. We're talking about making smart choices and supporting yourself with self management techniques and good friends. Here are some discussion points and action items you can do alone or with friends:  Start Being • Start saying: “I declare my intention to be courageous,” then you will exhibit your personal courage. • Start being one hundred percent accountable for how you design your life. • Start perceiving yourself as courageous. • Start changing the way you organize your time. • Start something that...

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De-Clutter Your Life – Discover Your Dreams
We all deal with clutter on one level or another, whether it’s the visual clutter of a messy room, the mental clutter of inner chatter filling our heads with past disappointments and pending dead lines; or the physical clutter of carrying too much body fat, which often goes unnoticed until one day you find yourself staring in the mirror at someone you no longer recognize.   As a success coach and fitness trainer, I warn my clients that clutter saps energy, intensifies stress, robs you of time and focus, and keeps you from moving toward your true dreams and desires. Often,...

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do you find it hard to focus?
Over the last few months, I have given myself a self-diagnosis of A.D.D.  While I'm not sure that I meet the criteria to make me a hardcore case of Attention Deficit Disorder, I certainly have been struggling with "Attention Distraction Disorder." And the more I've shared my problem with other people -- whether friends, clients or colleagues -- the more I've realized just how prevalent this problem is. So if you are also struggling with keeping focus in a world brimming with distractions, read on...before your phone rings and your attention is pulled elsewhere.  Between our BlackBerries (dubbed "CrackBerries" for...

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what make you unique
"What we are is God's gift to us. What we become is our gift to God." Eleanor Powell Eleanor Powell was a well known dancer and actress who appeared in many musicals in the 1930s and 1940s.  She was a good dancer, but an amazing tap dancer.  In her day, she was known as "the world's greatest tap dancer." I love her quote; it gets at the heart of self confidence and commitment to taking personal responsibility for your life and career success.  God (or the universe, if you are so inclined) gives each of us certain talents and abilities.  It is...

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