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tackling your fears
There isn't a super hero "out there" who can save you from your situation, fix your problems, or take away your fears. You have to tap into your own super hero; to identify the fears that are holding you back and to make a decision to reclaim the power you have yielded. I recently spoke at a leadership conference for women who work in the consulting industry. About 5 minutes before I was due to begin speaking, a woman attending the event asked if I ever got nervous. "Often," I replied, "Particularly about five minutes before I'm about to take the...

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Courageous leaders recognize defining moments and apply courage at work. This conscious action is vital to their success. By developing the following behaviors in yourself, you?ll be better able to call upon your courage when needed. 1. Constantly affirm your strength and determinationRealize that no one expects you to be perfect. They do, however, expect you to do your best. Take time for daily reflection so you can evaluate your resources and how you can best use them. When you know how your strengths can benefit your organization, you'll be able to do what you believe is right and see...

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assigning blame and how that holds us back
A wise friend once shared with me her secret to a successful and happy life . . . "Forget the back-story" - Leslie Ayers, The Job Search Guru Part of "Accepting what is," the first step in practicing Unfear, is to let go of assigning blame. When we get caught up in the back-story, in assigning blame, we arrest forward movement. Assigning blame is a diversionary tactic. It is avoidance, a fear reaction which imprisons us in the past. When we focus on assigning blame we create ego conflicts and a toxic work environment. Accepting what is requires focusing on...

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Strength the power of acceptance
A key component to moving into a strength focus begins with the first of 4 UNFEAR practices that I share in my book. Accept what is real. Unless and until we accept the circumstances of a given situation, we are reacting from fear and through fear based behaviors.  Forward movement is limited or impossible without first giving acceptance. To operate from a place of strength, it is necessary to first accept our talents, our desires, our natural propensities, our weaknesses, our deficiencies, our circumstances, as well as the demands being placed on us.  If we dwell on what's not working, we...
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tall poppy courage
To be outstanding in life, you must be willing to stand out. When all you do is try to fit in, you negate the difference your uniqueness makes.  Tall Poppy Courage is not about being better than anyone else, just being the best possible version of yourself.  Growing up on a farm in rural Australia meant growing up with something called the Tall Poppy Syndrome. It may sound like some ailment associated with cocaine addiction or a nasty chronic medical condition, but it's actually a cultural condition. While I'm not a cultural historian, I think it stems all the way...
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