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courageous conversations
Want to be happier and more successful? First, it starts with being courageous. We're not talking about jumping from high buildings like Superman. We're talking about making smart choices and supporting yourself with self management techniques and good friends. Here are some discussion points and action items you can do alone or with friends:  Start Being • Start saying: “I declare my intention to be courageous,” then you will exhibit your personal courage. • Start being one hundred percent accountable for how you design your life. • Start perceiving yourself as courageous. • Start changing the way you organize your time. • Start something that...

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radical love strategy
What does it take to create radical change?While "change" on a small level can be created through the smallest of things: a small deed or thought or a small shift in awareness. Radical change requires more from us.  Not only does it call on us to do big things, but to do them perpetually.  Our unrelenting pursuit and tenacious belief that we can create radical change is what fuels us when something seems hard or impossible. Creating a global climate of tolerance and love is possible.If you are wondering how to begin, there are no shortage of best-selling books with instructions on...
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