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Haley Scott DeMaria
As leaders we need to remember to "be the change", and represent that attitude of gratitude with our colleagues. Giving thanks goes a long way toward building organizational "bounce-back", employee engagement, loyalty, and community at work. There was a time Haley Scott DeMaria wasn’t sure she’d be graduating from Notre Dame back in 1992, much less speaking to future graduates at her alma mater about the importance of living a life of gratitude. Especially when things don’t go as you planned. She would know. She had been a swimming star at Notre Dame, when her life changed drastically. She was with her...

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Do people tell you that if you were only more positive and could look at the bright side, you'd be healthier?  They say your bad attitude is hurting you.  bad attitude and health

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what are you attracting in your life
"The Law of Attraction is a metaphysical New Thought belief that 'like attracts like,' that positive and negative thinking bring about positive and negative physical results, respectively." - What am I attracting into my life? For better or for worse you are attracting what you are right now. Christopher Franklin One of the most difficult truths to face is the mirror of our lives and attitudes as reflected by the people and circumstances that surround us. When we are caught in a cycle of fear, in negative attitudes, and relationships, either at work or in the home, the last...

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sun ray photo
When a room is dark, we turn on a light so we can see. When we need to drive somewhere at night, we turn on our headlights to light our way. Darkness exists in many other aspects of life as well. There is darkness in the body when it is sick or when we have emotional blockages holding us back. There is darkness in our society when people are out for themselves instead of helping each other. There is darkness in our busy lives when we don't take the time to bring lightness inward so we can shine it outward. Darkness and...

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Japan Earthquake scene
"...significant, lasting change begins inside individuals and emanates outward, not the other way around. Systems change when groups of people together tap their resilience and change from the insideout." - Kathy Marshall, National Resilience Resource Center, University of Minnesota In the days since March 11, 2011, the world has witnessed the Japanese people struggle with unimaginable devastation caused by circumstances beyond mankind's ability to foresee or control. The after effects of the earthquake and tsunami that devastated so much of that country and which continue to compound, have far reaching consequences and offer  lessons in resilience that are worth studying. ...

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