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squats for a strong core
Looking for a new way to strengthen your core? Get on your feet and try some new core strengthening exercises while standing. Let's face it, we all have tried crunches or sit ups to strengthen our abdomen but we all know this gets old fast because it's boring and it doesn't give great results. The FACT is that it is bad for your spine because it creates a lot of compressive force which could lead to fractures over time. First, it's a good idea to make sure you are able to keep the abdominal muscles contracted through easier exercises before moving...

abdominal crunches for osteoporosis
Here are some modifed crunch exercises for people with osteoporosis. Keep knees bent and sit on a partially deflated exercise ball for added support. Slowly roll yourself so that the ball is placed in the mid to low back region, with hands supporting the head and neck. (Only use your hands as a cushion; don't pull on your neck. Easiest way to do this is the keep your elbows wide). This exercise will strengthen the abdominal muscles in a safe way because the position of the spine is only moving from a very slight bit of extension to a "neutral spine."...

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