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reframing and noticing our inner dialogue to remove obstacles
A woman who noticed that a high-ranking position would soon be vacated said, “I thought about it and thought about it. So I did the somewhat brazen thing and went over and asked, “Can I have Vicki’s job?” What’s wrong with asking, and why is it “brazen” to ask? This is a perfect example of "scripts" or inner dialogues that multiply over time and define who we are. Left unchecked, they can prevent us from achieving what we want. When you understand your scripts or inner dialogue, you realize how they have limited an honest and clear vision of who you...

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courageous behavior in women
What’s your definition of courage and why is it vital to claim it for yourself? Are you curious about why only 11 percent of more than 750 women I researched for five years perceived themselves as courageous? Interviews with the courageous 11 percent made it clear that these women manifest their courage in specific ways. I call these the 12 feminine behaviors of courage: 1.  Affirming strength and determination, 2.  Confronting abuse, 3.  Conquering fear, 4.  Embracing faith, 5.  Hurdling obstacles/taking risks, 6.  Living convictions, 7.  Manifesting vision, 8.  Overcoming illness or loss, 9.  Reflecting self-esteem, 10. Reinventing self, 11. Revealing...

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Lock Jaw and what to do about it
Imagine waking up in the morning with the inability to open your mouth barely wide enough to stick out your tongue! This could be from a severe case of a TMD (tempomandibular joint disorder).The region of the body affected by this disorder is the part of the jaw near the ear, known as the Tempomandibular Joint. Less severe cases of a TMD can cause sharp pain when biting into hard foods but the jaw still opens normally. People may experience the jaw locking either open or closed. Other symptoms include headaches, neck pain, and even ringing in the ears. What causes...
Can you name the first woman to run for president of the United States? Very few people can, but this nineteenth-century woman embodied perseverance demonstrated by the feminine behaviors of courage. By giving herself permission to be courageous, she journeyed through life as a spiritual seeker, individualist and social activist. Misunderstood, ridiculed and rejected, Victoria Claflin Woodhull utilized her talents to become “the first woman stockbroker on Wall Street, the first woman to produce her own newspaper … a fearless lobbyist, businesswoman, writer and investor who advocated for women’s equal status in the workplace, political arena, church and family.” Regardless of...

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October is National Physical Therapy month and as a prospective DPT (Doctorate of Physical Therapy) student and an advocate of celebrating health and vitality, I’ll lay a few things on the line about the practice and its benefits and where I see myself in the future of the field.  First things first, physical therapy aims to help people help themselves.  In my opinion, the claim to fame here is its involvement in the health-care industry as opposed to the so-common sick-care industry!  We don’t have to hang on to or “Band-Aid” our pain and discomfort! The goal of  physical therapy is...

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