Now, a word about the goals you've just set for this year: 92% why we can't keep our new year's resolutionsof people don't follow through on New Year's Resolutions or adhere to their Goal Planning by January 10th so this is NOT another blog about setting goals and keeping resolutions! Yes, its important to have SMART goals and to plan out your year. But writing down goals and plans is not what will make them actualize?

YOU have to make them come true. You can get so wrapped up in doing tasks that you forget the real secret to having the BEST year of your life: your success is made up of 80% mindset and 20% mechanics.

If you are directed towards your goals on the outside, but doubtful about your abilities on the inside, you are setting yourself up to not reach your goals.

It's like riding a bicycle 70 mph into a 90 mph headwind. That's what causes you to work really hard and not get the results you want. And worse, if you don't reach your goals, you will stress yourself out working even harder or conclude there is something wrong with you (and doubt yourself more.)But really it's just because you are barking up the wrong tree.

As you dig into working hard for your goals, here are some questions you can ask yourself to know if you are setting yourself up to struggle and possibly not reach your goals?

1) Do you feel deserving of a seat at the table? My client in a financial firm became insecure about his position after he didn't bring in a significant deal in 2 years. On the outside, he had marketing plans to grow his business. But on the inside he was doubtful. He showed it in behaviors such as thinking key prospects would not want to take his call. He spent a lot of energy managing the politics of senior decision makers at his firm and froze in meetings with them. He waffled on making deal decisions, worried that he'd make a visible mistake. By using my "Own your Value" technique, he focused on the value that he brought to the table instead of what other people thought, and believed he deserved a seat at the table. Within 4 months he brought in the biggest deal in the firm's history (splashed on the front page of the NY Times), and now has a secure place in the firm.

2) Are you focusing on"What if?" instead of "What can I do now"? My client wanted to leave her corporate job and start her own consulting practice. She kept putting it off, worrying whether she could make enough to support herself. Using my "Worry about the Right Things" strategy, she learned to deflect her doubts away from "what if" and towards "What do my future target clients need"? By staying focused on signs that her target market was interested in her work, in a few months she completed a book, got a speaking gig in front of 500 people in her target market, and launched a successful consulting career.

3) Do you know what you should be doing but aren't doing? A guy in the insurance industry knew what he should be doing to earn the revenue goals he set for himself. But he wasn't doing it, and he couldn't figure out why. Using my "Wear your own mind strategy", he separated himself from negative messages he got from his father, and learned to be who he needed to be to succeed. In the next month he finally closed the contract on the large prospect he'd been courting for over 2 years.

Are you busy being directed towards your goals, but still have self doubts? Step back and focus on the mindset you need to achieve your goals.  Happy New Year!


Sharon Melnick, Ph.D. is an executive coach and trainer who works with high potential and senior executives to rapidly remove any blocks to their leadership effectiveness. She combines ‘best practices’ executive coaching approaches with behavior change methods she developed over 10 years as a psychologist at Harvard Medical School.