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Do you find yourself stuck doing the same thing over and over?   Do you getnegative energy stuck on replaying that negative conversation or running through what's wrong in your life,  but nothing changes?

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reframing and noticing our inner dialogue to remove obstacles
A woman who noticed that a high-ranking position would soon be vacated said, “I thought about it and thought about it. So I did the somewhat brazen thing and went over and asked, “Can I have Vicki’s job?” What’s wrong with asking, and why is it “brazen” to ask? This is a perfect example of "scripts" or inner dialogues that multiply over time and define who we are. Left unchecked, they can prevent us from achieving what we want. When you understand your scripts or inner dialogue, you realize how they have limited an honest and clear vision of who you...

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courageous behavior in women
What’s your definition of courage and why is it vital to claim it for yourself? Are you curious about why only 11 percent of more than 750 women I researched for five years perceived themselves as courageous? Interviews with the courageous 11 percent made it clear that these women manifest their courage in specific ways. I call these the 12 feminine behaviors of courage: 1.  Affirming strength and determination, 2.  Confronting abuse, 3.  Conquering fear, 4.  Embracing faith, 5.  Hurdling obstacles/taking risks, 6.  Living convictions, 7.  Manifesting vision, 8.  Overcoming illness or loss, 9.  Reflecting self-esteem, 10. Reinventing self, 11. Revealing...
"The leaders I met, whatever walk of life they were from, whatever institutions they were presiding over, always referred back to the same failure - something that happened to them that was personally difficult, even traumatic, something that made them feel that desperate sense of hitting bottom--as something they thought was almost a necessity. It's as if at that moment the iron entered their soul; that moment created the resilience that leaders need." - Warren Bennis...

Haley Scott DeMaria
As leaders we need to remember to "be the change", and represent that attitude of gratitude with our colleagues. Giving thanks goes a long way toward building organizational "bounce-back", employee engagement, loyalty, and community at work. There was a time Haley Scott DeMaria wasn’t sure she’d be graduating from Notre Dame back in 1992, much less speaking to future graduates at her alma mater about the importance of living a life of gratitude. Especially when things don’t go as you planned. She would know. She had been a swimming star at Notre Dame, when her life changed drastically. She was with her...

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