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how to manage stress
Are you feeling overwhelmed by 24-hour cable and Internet news, with vivid pictures, highlighting the dreadful effects of the massive earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown in Japan? These horrors have pushed the world's psyche into overload, causing increased levels of anxiety. If you're feeling vulnerable, you're not alone.  The palpable distress created by shocking news reports has added to the already high levels of stress identified by a national survey conducted by the American Psychological Association. The study found 75% of the general population experiences at least some stress every two weeks, with half of these rated at moderate or...

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Are you and your partner worried about money in these uncertain times? During any economic crisis, couples have to face tough financial decisions. This can lead to an increase in stress and aggravate problems that already exist in your marriage. As you look back to when you first met, what attracted you to your partner - fierce independence, strong character, a decisive nature? Now, these very same qualities may be getting in the way of getting along. If you want to come to terms with your negative feelings, notice what has changed in your marriage. And try to see your...

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8 ways to beat the winter blues and lack of sunlight
Winter weather, for most in the Northern Hemisphere, is cold, dark and dreary - with little chance of a break for several months. The transition back from the holiday season with its increased activity and social engagement - parties, gift giving, family time, vacations - can be an emotional letdown, bringing on the January blues. For some 10% of Americans, depression is exacerbated by "SAD," Seasonal Affective Disorder, triggered by the reduction in sunlight and the brain's response to this underexposure. Sandwiched boomers may feel an even greater strain, with the extra pressures of caring for growing children and aging...

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