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weinergate and teens and lying
Anthony Weiner is no longer front-page news now that he has resigned in disgrace from public office. So what's a parent to make of Weinergate, that perfect storm mix of politics, power, sexting and lying? The media frenzy over the ex-Congressman's behavior provides a clear teachable moment for our teens. Given the dramatic effects of the inappropriate messages and photos he sent and the devastating results of his untruthful words, we can talk to our kids about the serious consequences of making bad decisions. As parents, we know that young children lie, apparently about once every two hours. Sometimes they...
For families, June is a busy time with graduation parties, little league championships and music recitals. And we all know that right around the corner is summer vacation - lazy days for kids but often stressful for working parents. So if you haven't nailed down your plans yet, here are some ideas that can help with your work/life balance: Stay flexible. To minimize your anxiety and maximize time with your kids, try to negotiate a flexible work schedule. Even if you only take the odd morning off or leave early once in a while, find someone to cover for you....
How to Turn Your Commitment for Change into Action
In the wake of the floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and radiation leaks this spring, we're struck by the realization that changes in the Earth present in many ways. At times they're gradual or sudden and violent. They can come from the forces of nature or the actions of human beings. They can be unexpected and out of our control or planned and anticipated. In any case, the havoc they wreak can affect millions. The effects of the natural disasters this spring alone have impacted the world economy and may continue to do so for months to come. How do we...

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Soldier mom hugging child
On this beautiful Mother?s Day, I can think of no words on earth that better describe the depth of love between a mother and her child than this exquisite poem written by Edward E. Cummings: I carry your heart with meI carry it in my heartI am never without itAnywhere I go you go, my dear and whatever is done by only me is your doing, my darlingI fear no fatefor you are my fate, my sweet I want no world,For, beautiful, you are my worldmy true Here is the deepest secret nobody knowsHere is the root of the rootand...
marriage tips for kate middleton and prince william
The 19th century English poet, Lord Alfred Tennyson, put this universal truth in writing: "In the spring, a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love." And there's no better time of the year for a royal wedding! Apparently the April 29, 2011 marriage of Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton, at Westminster Abbey with 1900 guests, will be watched by almost 2 billion people worldwide. Their long walk to the altar will be one of the most viewed TV events of the century. Lots of girls grow up reading fairy tales about princesses and hoping to find...

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